interface WalletSession

The interface describes a communication session with a wallet that can be used during the verification process.


Use this interface, when you want to integrate the kycDAO SDK to you wallet. Provide a concrete implementation of the protocol in a class. Learn more at Wallet Integration about integrating the SDK to a wallet.


For DApps integrating the kycDAO SDK, you will likely won’t have to use this interface directly. WalletConnect should be used to connect your DApp to a supported Wallet.


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abstract fun getChainId(): String

Returns the chain id in CAIP-2 format

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abstract suspend fun personalSign(walletAddress: String, message: String): String

Signs the message with the given wallets personal token

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abstract suspend fun sendMintingTransaction(walletAddress: String, mintingProperties: MintingProperties): MintingTransactionResult

Initiates a minting transaction using the given wallet


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abstract val id: String


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